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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
Both machines have easily replaceable batteries - the point is that both machines DO have replaceable batteries unlike, say, a Sony, where you have to return it to the manufacturer to be replaced.

Marketting hype. Number of page turns is a pure fiction. Both machines will run for a LONG time without recharging (a week's reading, say).

Irrelevent. Both machines boot quickly enough that it's not really an issue. With the CyBook you can just leave it switched on, in which case you'll need to recharge every 4 days or so.

Irrelevent. Both machines have 512MB RAM, which is sufficient for several years worth of reading without using an SD card at all.

And this matters because.... ?

Very little relevance. eBook files are not large.

Utterly misleading. What matters is not the number of formats supported, but how WELL they are supported (eg Mobi support on the Gen3 is hugely better than that of the BeBook). Format conversion is easy. Besides which, your list is flat out wrong - why do you include the picture formats that the BeBook supports, but not those supported by the Gen3????

Extremely important for me. Do you honestly consider "WOLF" support to be as important as dictionary support? When did you last come across a WOLF-format file?

Harry says it all really. You let the Bebook win just because you give it points to totally irrelevant formats (what do you want with .RAR and .ZIP, you can't read it and why you would want to compress a book when you have enough internal memory to store thousands is beyond me).
For me the cybook wins because of the very good mobi-pocket support which let me read for instance the superb (but NOT DRM-free) books of George RR Martin. You won't be able to do that with the bebook because they don't support DRM'd mobi-format.
Also the dictionary support is amazing; it really gives an extra dimension to your reader.
In my opinion on the hardware side there is very little difference and on the software side the cybook is much better developed (at the moment).

just my 2 cents

p.s. On the other discussion here. I really would like to see the total amount of pages in a book at the end of the status-bar. That would be enough for me. That would imo be the most important update they could make, and a really small one in that.

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