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Here's my attempt at a translation (of the Russian, that is, not the Japanese original!):

Hitachi Ltd demonstrates a black electronic paper display

On 11 March Hitachi Ltd announced an A4 electronic "paper" display, and as soon as the 12th it was ready to sell wholesale batches ready for introduction of systems [can't make much sense of this last bit!]. The minimum batch size is a single system comprising ten items, and it's not cheap - prices start at 4,000,000 yen (about $35,000 a set).

Albirey is a monochrome A4 display comprising a "paper" module, which has been developed by Bridgestone over the past three years. As well as a display, a system incorporates a wireless module for data transmission and a power unit to make the system as autonomous as possible. The company has not revealed the format and size of the built-in memory.

The product has been announced as a monochrome display, made up of two colours - white and black.

The market segment that the display is aimed at is public places - underground railways, stations, public displays etc.

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