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Hi Magnus,

I am really glad to hear about such project.

This idea would strongly interest a minority of people who suffer dramatically from the blue peak of white leds

This peak causes several indispositions, such as difficulty of concentration and insomnia.

Although as i said this problem strongly affects only a minority of people, it is likely that most other people have effects such as bad sleeping and disrupted daily activities without recognizing or even accepting it.

In fact unfortunately there is strong resistance to accept that white leds are bad for health because the majority of people apparently sleep well after using a laptop and do not even believe the remaining people when they assert it. However a massive number of scientific studies now are emerging fast.

Using Kindle as a secondary monitor works, however it is an unsatisfactory and incomplete solution. The main issue is NOT the whole screen refresh time as many people superficially assert. This because most users desperately require a secondary monitor of course not for playing video games, but for using much more basic productive software like word, excel, and eventually for browsing the Internet.

In my opinion the main issue is then JUST the cursor pointer reactivity.

I believe the solution to this issue is not really technological, but constructive and implementative:

1) having a refresh of only the portion involved by the cursor pointer

2) having a touch screen that is properly connected with the OS in order to allow most interactive operations like
- changing the position of the cursor pointer
- sliding and moving windows and lists

3) having a simple color schema in the OS (without useless frills like transparencies, shadows and so on) to allow easy usage of productive applications

4) good adaptation of the OS to the exact screen resolution of the e-ink

5) easy operations for connecting the secondary monitor and having the color LCD switched off immediately, without having to work with it for even few minutes before switching to the e-ink monitor.

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