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Wink Editing--->any "expert" will do,lol

I just found this site last night. Thrilled to be able to download .lrf's as I have til now only used .rtf's or converted .pdf"s/lit's....I can't download from Sony as they say I need windows Vista (I have win 2000).

Is there a "converter" for making lrf's (converting .txt/.rtf's to .lrf's)...obviously yes...need link please.

I prefer my "reads" either in Ariel or verdana fonts...I hate new times font. So those here that I'm downloading I'd like to go in and change the font. Is there a way for ME to edit them.

This is a lot of "needy" requests...but someone's advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Colleen

PS. I've had my 505 since Feb '08...don't think I want a 700 if the resolution/contrast isn't as good as 505.
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