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Warning: 5.4.4 file can NOT be directly used on I modified Reader-plugin.jar to enable pdf reflow which works in 5.4.4 (kpw1) perfectly. After upgrade to, and reinstall jailbreak and usbnet, I copied 5.4.4 Reader-plugin.jar file without too much thought. Now I have a brick instead of an ebook.

Initially it just reboot continuously. After 7 or 8 reboot, went to YKNR screen. I didn't panic since USB storage still could be seen and I remember the DO_FACTORY_RESTORE trick. I did it, got relaxed when I saw select language screen. But maybe too relaxed , I selected the US as before, then another YKNR screen. And this time it's totally bricked, and USB storage is not shown up. Pushing power button for 7 seconds (or 30 sec, or 2 mins), it will go to big tree screen with turning stick for about 20 sec, then screen light up with YKNR, then light off and stay on YKNR.

After reading the whole thread of debricking, yes I read all 86 pages, I got conclusion the only way now is tear down to use serial port. Or any good suggestion?

Hindsight 1: I should copy out jar file, find the place to make change, then copy back. This x.x.x.1 fools me. I thought the change should be minor enough.

Hindsight 2: If I had rescue pack installed, it would have been breeze to restore the original jar file. I always wanted to install it, but ....

Hindsight 3: If I choose UK language after DO_FACTORY_RESTORE, kpw1 would have used different jar file and bypass the bad file.

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