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Thanks for you answer and explanations. If Onyx isn't providing any more updates, than its not Booxtors fault. But he always told us that the new update they are working on (with cloud support, multitasking ...) is nearly ready and needs only some polishing. At least for this one last update Booxtor thus bears the responsibility. Not onyx.

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This thread is about the 6 inch i62HD Point is Booxtor was very probably counting on Onyx providing regular updates that he and his team could customize further. That didn't happen and the i62 line was dropped in favor of the new Android devices to whom Booxtor doesn't seem to have access, either cause he doesn't deem them worth the money (if this is the case his silence is probably due to diplomacy, it's not the best practice criticizing the brand you are selling) or cause Onyx has some kind of exclusive or preferential deal with Artatech regarding the newest devices.
Anyhow, I think is Onyx hasn't learned how to do business on a western market. The i62 was a good piece of hardware but it needed great software. I'm afraid history will repeat itself with the C65. As long as the competition won't start marketing a better 9.7 inches reader they should stay afloat though
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