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Some Calibre questions from a grateful new user

I am reluctant to post a request for additional features as they may be there already and it's just my lack of ability to find them!

Can I change the order the columns display in the library view? Mine shows title and then author. I can find the way to choose the columns but not to change the order.

Can I display book format in the catalogue view? I added books in .lit format to convert and then got into a mess as to what I was viewing - .lit or .lrf.

Why does Calibre put numbers after the sub-directory name when it adds them to the library. My tidy mind wants to remove these. Do they have a purpose?

These are small niggles and I think the programme is great. I was even moved to make a donation - not something I often do!

PRS-505 and Vista 64. Calibre 0.4.100
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