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AFAIK, everytime I read a review on the iRex's, they have a design flaw that doesn't let the CPU shut down to a true sleep mode - meaning you'll have to charge it everyday. Charging it that often also means you have to replace the battery so much more (if it's even user replaceable???)

If you can live that....

Plus I hear accounts of the screens breaking while with plastic logic that shouldn't be a problem theoretically.

OTOH, iRex just opened up it's software which is a huge PLUS while Plastic Logic is an unknown. Also, next year when PL launches, not only will it be a 1st Generation device, it will be their first device.

We won't start seeing truly acceptable e-readers for about 5 years. Sadly. So you'll have to compromise no matter what for the time being or just wait it out.

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