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Device: Kindle DX (3rd Gen)
Kindle DX (3rd gen). v 2.5.8. Serial: B009

1. Reset to factory.
2. Registered.
3. Rooted DXG jail break file.
4. Update was on, updated.
5. Nothing happened. I checked settings and now Update is now GREYED OUT so hit upgrade. Then Restart.
6. Put the MKK B009 in root. Updated back, pressed it. Nothing happens. Hit upgrade (back on), than restart.
7. I noticed at this point that when I opened my kindle folder, the two things i just rooted are missing, cannot find them.
8. Went to put the KUAL file in documents, this time i only saw restart (hit), as well as seeing the KUAL file option on kindle menu.
9. Scrolled down to dev KUAL on menu. OMG WORKS. FKING GREAT. FINALLY.

10. Now the menu says KUAL 1 or something, clicked it and 3 menus pop out now:
a) No extensions found (ok im here now what do i do?)
b) Quit
c) /

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