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Hi PeterT and thanks for your help. This is what happened, starting from scratch:-

office@office-desktop:~$ cd
office@office-desktop:~$ rm -rf vox
office@office-desktop:~$ mkdir vox
office@office-desktop:~$ cd vox
office@office-desktop:~/vox$ mkdir superuser
office@office-desktop:~/vox$ cd superuser
office@office-desktop:~/vox/superuser$ unzip ../
unzip: cannot find or open ../, ../ or ../
office@office-desktop:~/vox/superuser$ cd
office@office-desktop:~$ find . -name
find: `./.config/enchant': Permission denied
find: `./.cache/dconf': Permission denied

I am following the instructions and downloading from the link on the Firefox web browser which tells me I have successfully downloaded a 1.3MB zip file which is in /home/office/Downloads. Should I be doing all of this within the terminal instead, or is that a dumb question? The download seemed quick on Firefox, but the file properties does say 1.3 MiB size. I do get the feeling that I am missing something obvious. To save annoying you great helpers, maybe you can point me in the direction of what basic commands I need to be competent in, before going on further. Thanks again,

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