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e-Ink fixxing the curse of power usage

Have read about this device since last year and I'm hoping ive got the 0.5 K to bye one when it launches.

Just to point out something none of you guys have said anything about. The E-Ink screen does not use power when you are not changing pages. It only uses power when you'r changing pages, uses WiFi (this I'm familiar with becouse my mobile-phone qtek 8310 uses a shitload of battery when Wi-Fi is turned on) and if theres is a audio out you get the DA converter and power for the headphones. So if the Wi-Fi, audio is turned of and no page turning is going on, it is only supposed to use power when you have to refresh the gas dots in the screen, after about every 15 hours.

So if the iLiad is using power anyway, iRex has employed someone totally stupid to write their core. The killer app of iLiad, as I see it, is a lot of pageturns before recharge and that it can read pdf/txt/chm/html/doc etc. files you've downloaded legally or from some other source.

If you go to any DC++ server or any other cool P2P service you can dload quite more books than you can ever read. While this is illegal that can't be tanken into consideration since if iLiad dosent solve this some other small firm will. Producing E-Paper will get cheeper. And if those that now have the money to start this buisness does'nt make a good enough alternative they will be overrun in the near future.

After what I've read about the Sony Libre and Reader I'm awestruck by the poor buisnessthinking behind the products. Sony must employ someone that has a stick up their asses as I can see it. Would CD's have become a hit if you could only buy them from Philips? Open standards are way better, and I think the big chahunas will either learn this or fail miserably.

Building devices that can only read a small and expensive amount of book might be a good idea if E-Ink was dead hell expansive or E-Ink was rocket science. But it's not, and it's not so they have to compromise their products so that they will sell and prosper.
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