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Originally Posted by Moe The Cat View Post
Question: what is the purpose of the scripts "prc2mobi.exe.txt" and "prc2sfg.exe.txt"?
You are welcome.

As I mentioned, that SGFViewer works instead of the mobipocket reader. So, the files with .prc extension are opened with SGFViewer. If you do not want that and want the mobipocket reader back (the one with the DRM support) then you can run prc2mobi.exe.txt and the .prc extension will be reassigned to the mobipocket. If you want SGFViewer back, run prc2sfg.exe.txt and you'll have that. Such inconvenience is caused by the inability to have support for .sgf files in the hanlin's bookshelf.

There are also scripts there that reassign txt, rtf and fb2 extension to either FBReader or Coolreader (as you probably noticed).
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