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I use just the debit (or a pre paid debit online) it's not a security thing for me, I spend enough online and using online buying that it's kind of pointless to worry about my info. I don't care for credit cards mainly because the interest rates are so high, and if you haven't got the most fantastic credit score, like mine, then the debit works better. As for not knowing how much etc, I can almost always get internet or at least use my cell phone to check my balances on either card. My whole thing is I'm an odd female who hates purses. Why carry a purse when it takes up much needed gadget space in my pockets and backpack? Or worse, heavy change?

I do agree credit, if used well, is a powerful tool. But the facts are, that those of us who don't have bad credit, still get turned down for decent cards. And the last one offered had around 19% interest so I figured I'd pass
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