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Originally Posted by Jaie View Post
I'm a weird American. I don't use cash at all. All my money is on a debit (not credit) card and I never carry more than $20 in cash and almost never any change. And I spend most of my summers in the Toronto area and what I notice isn't the coins, it's the habit I've picked up myself. Most don't even carry cash, they use a debit card. I've got a credit union as well, and while they don't charge to take coins, they won't take them at the counters. You dump them into a nice little machine that counts it and gives you a slip.

Want to really solve issue of not using paper money, use a debit card. NOT a credit card. Those things are just asking for trouble.
Actually, the truth is that credit can be a much more powerful tool as long as you use it responsibly. If you use credit like debit (Pay it off once you get home) you have the power to do a chargeback, if need be. Also, some cards like AmEx (I believe) will extend the manufacturer's warranty.

Remember, Credit doesn't ask for trouble - stupid people who don't know/are irresponsible with credit ask for trouble.
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