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Thank you for your continued patience.

We appreciate the concern of ebook users in these matters, and we are, of course, disappointed that Mobipocket/Amazon is down this weekend. (We're sure Mobipocket's disappointed as well.) These things happen in technology and we hope the team at Mobi is able to correct their problems quickly.

We are very fortunate to partner with Overdrive (OD) whose efforts to bring free digital reading to everyone across all financial strata through America's public libraries, caused them to build very robust and redundant systems to keep their servers up round the clock. That partnership provides our customers an alternative Mobipocket (OD) source this weekend - and always.

We recognize, too, that our competitors and ourselves will all have problems with technology from time to time. It's the nature of the beast. But rather than fight each other, we and our customers would benefit much more by working together to improve the eBook reading experience, and keep our focus on customer satisfaction.

We at BooksOnBoard are genuinely grateful for Oprah's plug for eBooks and for the persistence by our partners and competitors in continuously improving the eBook experience. The industry has a long way to go, but the progress is encouraging.

Kurt Johnson
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