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Originally Posted by mahal48 View Post
My experience of Kobo support team is always a factory reset, no matter what information you supply them, even if, you have already told them that you have done a factory reset. They do not listen or read what you tell them. Example being the old duplicate shelf problem. Don't bother with so called Kobo support. Support from members on this site is far superior to Kobo.
Yeah...I think my problem might be firmware related (not really sure) but since I can't connect to the computer I can't downgrade my firmware I will never know.

Might be a short or something on the USB port...although the reader recognizes that it has been plugged into to the computer and asks me to connect so I doubt that is the problem.

Probably could try to open the device and add he firmware to the internal sdcard but I think I would just end up breaking it in doing so.

I am pretty sick of all the little bugs so this was just kind of the tipping point for me.
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