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Do you recommend a Amazon Paperwhite?

Hey Mobileread,

A questions for you all...
I am going to be buying my first ereader. After the snow storm last week, I discovered that while reading my nook and Kindle books through their respective windows 8 app is good on my Surface tablet...the battery life is not the best and after 4 hours of reading, I had a dead tablet and no power to charge.

And Of course this happened right at the good part of the book..So I am going to jump into the ereader world...

With that said...

How good is the Paperwhite from AMAZON? Is it a ereader you recommend that I buy? Are there any known issues and complaints?
(I have books with Amazon and Nook so i flirt with both regularly but this will definitely be a marriage to one or the other)

The one thing that bugs me about the Ereaders is that refresh thing. How often does it refresh when you are turning pages?

(I'll of course be asking the same question about the Nook glowlight :P)
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