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Discovery Bore

Dear Kobo,

Discovery Bar is horrible, "just try it, you'll like it" I don't think so, been there done that, gone to go launcher. I like tapestry, its nice but I wont be back until I can minimize or disable that "discovery bar" which, lets face it, is nothing more than an advertising banner. Its ugly, intrusive and ruins what is an otherwise very nice interface. At least let us minimize it. Given how much negative response discovery bar has garnered I would think a company concerned with its customers desires would respond and adapt. Your lack of willingness to revisit the issue leaves me to draw certain unflattering conclusions about your company. For this reason not only have I dumped your interface but I have also begun to warn folks about this aspect of going with what would otherwise be a pretty awesome product for the price. But with so many competitors out there why compromise. You may think its a small cosmetic feature but advertising and choice are things most consumers feel pretty strongly about. I mean I signed up just to say this... That's my 2 cents.

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