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Adding/Removing apks from ROM Mini How-to + apk list, build.prop and other

****This is an on-going post. I am in the process of taking step by step screenshots of everything for those who are unfamiliar with this. I'm gonna go ahead and list all the apps still in my ROM and list the extra apps I have added. Version numbers will be included.****

Hello. Some people showed some interest in how I had my Pocket eDGe setup. The following will walk you through the process of manually moving apks around using my preferred file manager as well as the process using Titanium Backup (which is da bomb).

My ROM File List via Titanium Backup as of 11-02-2014. App lists separated by Stock Vs. Added.:

Accounts* - Stock
Application Widgets* - Stock
Audio Player 1.0.0 - Stock
Audio Recorder 1.0.0 - Stock
Bluetooth Parings - Stock
Bookmarks (stock browser) - Stock
Browser 2.2.1 (BOOKMARKS) - Stock
Calendar 2.2.1 - Stock
Calendar Storage 2.2.1 (CALENDAR) - Stock
Call log* - Stock
Camera 2.2.1 - Stock
Camera1 - Stock, no idea.
Certificate Installer 2.2.1 - Stock
Clock 2.2.1 (ALARMS) - Stock 2.2.1 (USER DICT) - Stock 2.2.1 - Stock 1.0 - Stock 1.0 - Stock
com.entouragesys.providers.library 1.0.0 - Stock 2.2 - Stock, have frozen.
Country, Language, Time zone* - Stock
Dev Tools 1.0 - Stock
Dictionary 1.0 - Stock
DictionaryProvider 1.0 - Stock
Documents To Go 3.004 - Stock, maybe updated? I forget.
Download Manager 2.2.1 - Stock
ES File Explorer - Stock, updated.
Fallback 2.2.1 - Stock, dunno what this is. Didn't test removing it.
HTML Viewer 2.2.1 - Stock
Image Viewer 1.0.0 - Stock
Journal 1.0 - Stock
Library 2.2.1 - Stock
Media Container Service 2.2.1 - Stock
Media Storage 2.2.1 (PLAYLIST) - Stock
Music 2.2.1 - Stock
My Uploads 1.5.9 - Stock, possibly remove?
Note Pad 2.2.1 - Stock
Package installer 2.2.1 - Stock. Do NOT remove. Handles installing apks.
Projector 1.0 - Stock. Actually works with USB VGA adapters for eInk or LCD
Quickoffice 2.0-GEP - Stock? I never installed it. Didn't update.
Reader 1.0 - Stock
ReaderService 1.0.1 - Stock
Screen Calibrator 1.0.0 - Stock
Screen Lock 1.0 - Stock
Search 1.1 - Stock.Left because it works well.
Settings 2.2.1 (WALLPAPER/SETTINGS) - Stock
Settings Storage 2.2.1 (SETTINGS/BLUETOOTH) - Stock
Spare Parts 2.2.1 - Stock
Tags 1.0.0 - Stock
Terminal Emulator 2.2.1 - Stock
Video Player 1.0.0 - Stock
Wallpaper* - Stock
Wi-Fi Access Points* - Stock
Wi-Fi Access Points (xml)* - Stock
7Zipper - File decompressor. I use 7z on my desktops, so I needed a way to handle the archives on my eDGe.
AdAway 2.7 - Blocks ads system-wide
aDownloader - Torrent client. There is a newer one but I prefer this release.
ADW.Launcher - Replaces stock launcher. Extremely snappy. DPI independent. Heavily customizable. Runs far, far better than stock launcher.
aLogcat 2.6.1 - System log viewer. Helps when trouble shooting.
Amazon Kindle - Amazon Kindle app.
Battery Doctor 4.6.2 - Monitors battery usage. Has a lot of nice features.
BeyondPod 3.2.55 - The /best/ podcast app.
BeyondPod Unlock Key 1.0.2 - Removes limits/ads from BeyondPod
Dropbox  - Official Dropbox client.
Font Installer 2.0.5 - Manually changing fonts was breaking things. This let me change the "Reader Font" to Calibri from MS, which is /gorgeous/ on eInk
Hacker's Keyboard 1.33 - Replaces stock keyboard. Much better and DPI independent. 
HK "English (en)" Dictionary 1.3 - Hacker's Keyboard Dictionary addon
Leger calibre 0.9.5d - Calibre library viewer.
Lipse Icons Grayscale 3.1 - ADW.Launcher Theme
NetHack 1.3.4 - One of my favorite games. Old dungeon-crawler/rogue-like.
Next Browser 1.16 - Really advanced browser. Use over stock when not wanting eInk integration.
No Lock 1.06 - Turns lock-screen on/off via widget.
Notification Toggle 2.6.4 - Adds persistent notification buttons of choice for controlling various functions. I use for quickly enabling/disable WiFi from inside any app and quickly getting to WiFi settings.
NTPSync 1.9 - Syncs system clock to NTP time servers.
Pandora 4.5.1 - Internet Radio
Perfect Viewer - Mostly use for comic books
Perfect Viewer Donation 1.3 - Removes any limits/ads from Perfect Viewer
Quora 1.3.5 - Community question/answer and such. Really nice.
reddit is fun golden platinum 3.1.3 - Best Android Reddit client.
RPN 1.8.1 - Reverse Polish Notation calculator.
Screenshot Ultimate 2.8.14 - Epic free screenshot tool.
SetCPU 0.1.1 - Created by a forum member ages back. Gives widget on desktop that tapping will underclock at will to 150mhz. Works well. Requires older Superuser app.
Star Traders Elite 5.2.15 - Awesome RPG. Requires either gapps to be installed for google play services access or annoying by-hand file copy and permissions adjusting of some cache files from another device.
System Cleaner 2.4.6 - Automatically replaces in-ROM apps with updated apks. I use after I test updates so I don't have to manually move the updates.
Xmarks 1.0.16 - Standalone tool that syncs to Xmarks server.
With this set up, I have a little over 4MB of ROM free. There's still some bits that /may/ be fine to remove. I got bored removing stuff and having to reflash as things broke and settled on this setup. I may work on it some more as I'm always finding more apps that I want to add to the eDGe and probably will want to add more to the ROM. You /have/ to keep a few MB free just to make sure there's room for updates to the installed apps.

If someone would list off what I am missing from my ROM that is stock, I would appreciate it as I forgot to do that before I started yanking stuff out.

build.prop info:

After upgrading to 2.2 and then Allmine, my PE started showing some weirdness. It showed up as a Nexus One in the playstore and Docs to Go failed to work correctly while giving a toast message that said "invalid device Passion" or something to that effect. I eventually discovered the Allmine update modified the build.prop file with some new info.

These are the lines I changed in the build.prop file:

I left 'ro.product.model=Nexus One' and 'ro.product.brand=google' alone. My PE shows up as 'edgejr' in the playstore, now, and Docs to Go works perfectly.
The PE has a fairly low resolution LCD; 800x480. This is generally OK, but everything is pretty darn big on it and leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion, when it came to size of the UI. I found you can add the following line to the build.prop file and, upon reboot, will adjust the DPI of the OS.

I added this just below ''

Do NOT do this without first installing a DPI agnostic replacement keyboard. I use Hacker's Keyboard, but there's a lot of other options. I made the mistake of not replacing the keyboard first and had to resort to a USB PC keyboard to be able to easily fix it.

Here is a screenshot showing ADW.Launcher (with Lipse Icons Grayscale theme) at this DPI:
[Image violates guidelines for size - MODERATOR]

And this is a photo taken from my Galaxy Note II of the same screen so you can see how it actually looks on the PE: [Image violates guidelines for size - MODERATOR]

To see the full resolution photo of the PE, go here - [Image violates guidelines for size- MODERATOR]

The other things I changed in my build.prop are the Dalvik heap size and init method. I doubled the default heap size to 256MB from 128MB that is the default. The Dalvik heap size adjusts how much memory a Dalvik VM instance can use. The more memory a single app can use, the less often Dalvik has to run through its garbage collection routines. This takes a load off the CPU and may be one reason my PE has seemed so much snappier. This may just be placebo, though. It shouldn't cause any harm and the PE has 512MB of RAM to play with so... worth doing, imo.

I also changed Dalvik init method to operate in JIT mode (Just In Time) instead of the default 'fast' mode.. My Linpack results went from 3.1-3.2 MFLOPS average to 5.1-5.2MFLOPS which is a pretty drastic increase.


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