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I guess maybe I am just too stupid for this.

I checked now the shell_exec- and exec-Command description at
Unfortunatley there is nothing about stripping the path for security reason.

I tried now even giving total read/write/execute permission for the IUSR for
- ALL calibre files
- system32/cmd.exe
- SysWOW64/cmd.exe

But without any success

As I wrote: I wouldn't wonder, if all the other EXE-programs wouldn't work either. But they do. Why should PHP act differently for the calibre-EXE files?

Ok, I now found a way, how it (somehow) works - at least theoretically:

I did a batch file with the convert-command in it and called this one using

exec("c:\\windows\\system32\\cmd.exe /c c:\\test.bat");

Now THAT acutally works. Ok, now all I have to do is to transfer the name of the converted file into the batch file somehow and then call the cmd to call the batch file to call the calibre-function

Hm, ok, if anyone knows a better way, I would be happy to know. But maybe at least I can do the conversion that way.

"If it's dumb, but it works - it ain't dumb"

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