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Thanks for the quick answers - you are right...more it comes :-)

I am using a Windows 2003 server with PHP 5.2.5.
No Apache or whatever only the windows server.

As I wrote, it is strange: I have now both calibre and calibreForLRF installed and when I use the latter with PHP (shell_exec) it works and creates the LRF file properly:

C:\[pathtocalibre]\calibreForLRF\html2lrf.exe -t "Booktitle" -a "Dwayne Dibbley" -o [pathtolrf]/thebook.lrf [pathtohtml]/thebook.htm --cover [pathtocover]/thecover.jpg

Using the latest calibre version (0.4.99) with the SAME command in PHP, it doesn't work (but it does work when I paste the command into the windows command line interface):

C:\[pathtocalibre]\calibre\html2lrf.exe -t "Booktitle" -a "Dwayne Dibbley" -o [pathtolrf]/thebook.lrf [pathtohtml]/thebook.htm --cover [pathtocover]/thecover.jpg

(The only difference is the path to calibre ("calibreForLRF" and "calibre")

Or to make it short:
CalibreForLRF - Windows command line: ok
CalibreForLRF - PHP: ok
Calibre - Windows command line: ok
Calibre - PHP: NOT ok

I thought, that maybe the two installations interfere somehow, but when I have only calibre installed, it doesn't do anything either.

I even tried to create a windows BAT-file and call calibre via PHP and that file, but that doesn't work either.

Thanks again for any help!

Before you ask: I am trying to use the new calibire, because I would like to create EPUB files as well. If it would be only for the LRFs, of course, I just would still use the old calibreForLRF
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