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Originally Posted by wallcraft View Post
To me, full screen mode is a window manager issue (like virtual desktops). So I don't think it should be associated with application keys (up/down arrows). I suggest reserving one of the four bottom keys (e.g. notes) for "toggle full screen". So long as apps support full screen mode and there is a dedicated key, the default is moot and might depend on the app.
IMHO assigning a hardware key for full-screen has several drawbacks:
- none of the hardware keys is labeled acordingly .
- we lose a key that can be used for more frequently used functionalities
- if it's using one of the news/books/docs/notes keys (that are not that useful), the UI will lose symmetry (being equal to the other keys in that row it functions differently). IOW, a hack. The problem of doing that is that you transform a easy UI into WordPerfect from DOS days (a lot of things to remember just to be able to use the product).
Finally, on other devices (i.e. the Nokia Internet Tablet) the full-screen button is really needed as the the system menu bar wastes a high percentage of the screen real state, but in the iliad if we are careful with the sizes of the pageBar and the panel, it doesn't matter so much. But IMHO the current size of the pageBar is not reasonable and something must be done to fix it . In my proposal I just nuked it, but perhaps that was too radical.

Originally Posted by wallcraft View Post
I don't object to long presses,...
I loathe to have to remember lots of "hardware keys" functions. I don't have very good memory and programs that stress it (i.e. cinelerra video editor comes to mind), make me shiver if I have to use them after some months of not touching them, as I've to relearn them.

I think that the iliad should be as intuitive as possible, to the point that all functions should be labeled; they must be related to the icon in the key or the function must be in a software icon (in the toolbar).

Originally Posted by wallcraft View Post
Finally, I agree that more icons are needed but the best place for the icons is on the bottom. The screen isn't wide enough to have them on the side. I don't see why more icons can't fit on the bottom, now that we can change the matchbox setup.
I was thinking in changing things deeper; retaining the protocols (liber...) but replacing panel with a simpler app (that takes less time to launch).

And if we refine the initial idea?

That is, another thing I was meditating was if it would be reasonable to enable compositing in KDrive and put a simple compositing window manager. So when the toolbar appears, shrink the app window accordingly (but without disturbing the application). Implementing a shrink function in ARM assembler for that case would not be difficult; my concerns with this idea are:
- The image quality would degrade (we would be discarding about 1 pixel of every 16, even with some antialiasing that would be noticeable)
- We would waste much more memory (about a MB)

Any thoughts?

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