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and thanks for this hack.

I have a little problem using it.

I use it on my PW2 in last mode, and it works perfectly in normal use.

But I have a running script to show a webpage in the experimental browser.
Every X minutes, the script enables wifi, load the url, wakes the kindle up, put it to sleep, sleep X and reload itself.
With the hack, I'm able to show the url as the screensaver and it works really great.... when it's usb connected.

When it's not, the script will never wake up from the sleep. My first try was to use crontab, but it's the same problem, the script is never called when usb is not connected.

Is there a behaviour difference from the hack, when USB is connected or not, which could explain this? Like a blocking process watching usb or something like that ?

Thank you for your answer, and keep up the good work!
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