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Originally Posted by spMatti View Post

Here's my solution to download files from Google Drive. I forked your code and modified it a little: Now user just enters the executed wget command directly. It can download only from public folders. I tested a folder with "Anyone with the link" sharing, but the folder index page uses javascript to create the file links so it doesn't work out of the box.

I'm thinking about creating Google App script web application that will serve index.html for the wget command. The App script then uses Google Drive changes feed to serve only new files from a selected folder..
Hey! I haven't had much time, but I have a working script that parses the json and works out of the box.
I will adapt the kobo-wget-sync to include this script so you can choose wget or gdrive and rename the repository.

Also this sync-script only adds new files and deletes files if they are removed from google drive. But again, manually adding books through USB will not make them upload to your google drive account.

Standby for the update.

Thanks spMatti for your dev-work! Also, once I updated the repo I really appreciate if you would help keep it stable
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