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OOps - okay - Yes, it failed about 2/3 of the way through the bar. I carried on and installed the linkss files and the blank cover file and I'm getting the message the screensaver hack is installed but it hasn't processed a cover yet.

I used the version of python that was on the first post of this thread and downloaded it this evening.

So - should I roll everything back? How do I go about uninstalling the various packages if neccesary? Or do I just try a new installation and update of Python? (the pw2 is using version 5.4.2 of the software - if that's any help)

Thanks for the reply, by the way.

Oh - and I have about 212mb available on the device memory.

EDIT: I uninstalled both linkss and python and reinstalled both. This time I got no error messages. I have put in a blank "cover" file into the linkss folder, but still not getting a book cover as a screensaver - there is a change though, I'm not getting the "screensaver hack has been installed successfully" screensaver rather than the one saying "a cover has not been processed yet".

Just as an aside - I notice that you want the files to be in png format. Now, I embed my covers into the mobi files using calibre, but they're usually originally jpegs - will this cause problems?

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