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(These may have been listed before, I did not check.)

Chapter markers
In earlier versions, the "scroll bar" accessible when reading a book would contain markers at each chapter break. That would allow me to gauge how long the current chapter is (relevant for reading tactics ). Currently, this information is not accessible at all; one would have to create a bookmark, skip to the next chapter via ToC, and then move back to the bookmark.

Configurable home screen
I want to read books, nothing more. Sadly, books do not take up even most of the home screen. I'd like a setting that removes all social, web and shop features from the home screen and features more of "my" books instead.

Support for own dictionaries
The choice of dictionaries is extremely limited. I know that it is (used to be?) possible in principle to exchange, say, Spanish files for Swedish ones, but that's not really user-friendly. Please implement a mechanism for dictionaries that is similar to fonts, i.e. "put it there and you can use it".

Yellow screen lighting
This is not a firmware request but still a proposal to improve the device.

Currently, the screen illumination is a bright (even slightly blueish) white. Luminosity can be controlled finely enough so it does not "hurt"), and it greatly improves the devices utility. However, it destroys night vision. When walking home at night and reading with screen illumination, I can barely see the sidewalk. Therefore, arguably, the current implementation can be a safety hazard.

This is a solved problem (e.g. for pedestrian crossings): use light that does not trigger eye adaption (as much), i.e. with longer wave lengths. Sodium-vapor and darkroom lamps are classic choices. Of course, we need LEDs but units with wavelengths of around 600nm seem to be readily availble. (As a nice side effect, such lighting is easier on the eyes and improves perceived contrast.)

In summary, I propose that future editions of Kobo ereaders employ high-wavelength illumination.
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