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Originally Posted by TaKir
What are your Digital Rights Management (DRM) Business Rules?

We will offer titles on a pay-to-own basis - similar to the way a user expects to purchase and own other digital media today. The user will have the option to purchase this content and read it on up to 6 different activated devices (PCs or Readers).

1st post here....

The word "activated" is vague. A book on six devices simultaneously or a book than can be read on six different type's of devices (?). Will my devices need to be authorized? I'll go read the faq....

Actually I think Sony is gearing its faq answers and policies toward a mainstream customer than a techie. Techies see right through the DRM charade and Sony knows this,(maybe).

Industry watchers know the flim-flam game of DRM but ask Joe Average what DRM is and you'll get a blank stare. This is what Sony and other DRM advocates are counting on...the blank stare. But than again does Joe Average know what a e-book is?
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