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RSS content crashes my PRS 505

hi there

First of all, I love Calibre, Sony could learn many things about good software development. It's everything the Sony software should be but isn't.

One question: On my PRS 505, many RSS feeds downloaded via Calibre cause the PRS 505 to crash and reboot. It seems to be something to do with filesize as it is the larger feeds that cause crashes.

e.g. New Yorker, Scientific American is fine, but BBC, Guardian, Discover give it problems.

This is the order
1. Download feed to Calibre and view in reader software to check.
2. Transfer to PRS 505
3. Find feed and try to open it
4. PRS 505 displays the "formatting" icon for about 5 seconds.
6. The formatting icon stops revolving, then after a few seconds, the PRS 505 restarts.

Anybody else get this?

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