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I was unable to find it, which doesn't quite mean it doesn't exist.

The happy news is that I went ahead and tried the precompiled linux binary, and it works just fine in my 64 bit installation. The only error I have is in trying to convert cbz file. I get the following error, which I also got on my windows installation of Calibre.

('RuntimeError', u'Failed to load ImageMagick')
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 928, in worker
File "", line 886, in work
File "library.pyz/calibre.ebooks.lrf.comic.convert_from", line 393, in do_convert
File "library.pyz/calibre.ebooks.lrf.comic.convert_from", line 255, in process_pages
RuntimeError: Failed to load ImageMagick

Thanks for all your assistance.

Thanks Devin
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