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Originally Posted by bbusybookworm View Post
Also, while the Bebook does support fonts, it does not do it sirectly currently, and youhave to use a workaround to install new fonts. in Contrast on the Gen3 installing new fonts is as simple as just dragging and dropping a new font in the fonts directory.
hmmm.., changing fonts on bebook isnt that hard - , "Connect your BEBOOK to your computer via the USB cable. Copy your TrueType font file in the 'Font' folder of the BEBOOK internal memory. You will then be able to choose it in the 'Font Family' submenu."

the tinkerer in me shouts bebook (I always tend to mod nearly everything i buy to some extent or other), but the sony definitely has a place in my heart, but the incredible price of the gen3 is sooo tempting! hmmmm, maybe Im better off flipping a coin!
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