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Frustrated by Calibre startup- freezes

I have installed Calibre 0495 on my Windows XP machine. Uploaded to DB something like 2000 books, majority .lrf formats, few .epubs.
After this process Calibre started to hang, dead. Had to kill the process. Restarted, Calibre does not respond for smthg like 10 minutes now, than works ok though it hangs for 5-10 sec periods. So I do compact the DBase. All fine. Turn it off, back on, hangs again. While I am writing Calibre is booting up (white screen ->system says-> Calibre does not resond -> its now say 15 minutes since I started. Any Help here?

Overall fantastic piece of software, hoped to move away from Connect due its ability to edit formats, info, etc.

Kovid, anyone, any idea whats wrong? Too many books (that would be stupid

Another q. Books bought at Connect are LRX which I gather DRM'ed. Their file name is just a string of letters/numbers. Anyway to change it in Calibre ie. update the metafile to title/author etc?

Apppreciate your views
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