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so does no one think the bebook is worthy? - I do like the fact that bebook appears to have an active community and support. It also supports custom fonts (true type - ttf - fonts) and search being promised 'in the near future' in a firmware update. Their latest firmware addresses mobipocket supporting drm mobi and drm prc files. Their next release is tagged to include ereaders pdb format. currently the bebook supports
Pdf, doc, html, bmp, jpg, png, gif, tif, djvu, fb2, wol, txt, epub, ppt, lit, chm, rar, zip, mp3, mobi,prc, html, altho I think I read somewhere the lit reader might still be a a little flakey.

I never realised the glass/plastic substrate might be a problem, and i have to admit the sony looks very sexy, especially compared to the others.

I think for me the gen3 price is very attractive, but the good support for the hanlin clone has me umming and erring. . . and to think i was just about ready to rush out to waterstones to buy the sony - it was only due to it being out of stock that i havent got one, and now we (in the uk) suddenly get more choices!
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