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Mine arrived this week. Long time resister of e-readers, a friend gave me their old Kobo (non-touch) a few months back. A voracious reader, it came in handy to have 100's of books ready to go while away from home for long periods. My concern and reluctance with ereaders has always been the small screen size.

The HD gets me closer to paperback page size so I am not needing to turn the page so often. Page turning is lightning quick compared to the old Kobo. I don't like the slick back compared to the quilted back, I feel like its going to slip out of my hand all the time - ordered a cheap case off ebay so hopefully that will help. The light is great and even better than my awesome double gooseneck led reading light. Open source was a must.

I was surprised how expensive msrp is - thought about a similarly priced Asus tablet for versatility, but need the e-ink battery life. I never would have bought it at full price, stacked some Canadian deals and paid just under $100 all in which I thought was a more realistic price point. I am concerned about durability. Also, there is a slight rattle when moved side to side - anyone else have this?
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