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Firts of all thank you very much for the aplicattion, it is a must have as JBpatch.

I have the 5.3.4 firmware version and 2.4.2 Collections Manger Version installed and working. My problem is that in any two level collection, I mean "Author\Serie\", with one ore more books on it, every time I close the book I'm reading with the "<" button I get a white page with the Kindle Menu on top. If I press again the "<" button appears the "Serie" level, but browsing collections (Cover mode) is corrupted until opening and closing a book on a one level collection or change it to browse in list mode.

The collections are like "Tod Willioms\Neverland\" and inside it two books.

It happens using the option "Import from Calibre" or wich I prefer "Creating collections from folders". The name of the options will not match because I use Collections Manager in Spanish.

Thanks in advance.

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