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Exclamation Sudden short battery life observed and fixed.

Ok, Something new to add with respect to low battery life.

I found my Kindle depleting in a day or less, with wispernet off. Charging it overnight didn't get the battery filled.

I tried:

Switching it off and on.
Resetting it.
Then thought to remove the battery to let it fully expire.
When I removed the battery, the plug, unexpectedly, slipped out of the socket without any effort. The wires didn't even stretch out.

That was odd!

Then I recalled having fumbled my Kindle the day before. The drop was from about waist high onto a solid floor. No damage, but I'm guessing the battery plug was loosened, just enough to cause a problem with the battery meter reading correctly.

So if you are have a sudden loss of battery life, I suggest checking to see that the battery plug is solidly seated.
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