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Thank you. I am glad my posting was able to help you.

The only question I do now have is in regards to just added books to your own custom shelf only rather then it applying it to your own custom shelf as well as the "read" exclusive shelf.
Since I have one calibre library for my entire family but goodreads is exclusively for myself it would be nice to have all my books in a shelf called "library" and then from there be able to designate my books in to ones I am interested in reading in the future to be able to put those in the "to read" shelf. There are alot of books that I have that I am not interesting in read now or ever but I have them because I have other family members that are.
As for the Goodreads 'read' shelf, my experience is that this is a shelf maintained by Goodreads and any book marked as Read will always be added to this of charge. It seems that any book added via the API (used by this plugin) with a 'Read Date' is considered to be read. There is no way I know of to prevent this.

The other Goodreads maintained shelves are:

all - All book in your library. I believe this just shows anything in read, currently-reading and to-read shelves, and is not a true shelf.
currently-reading - Any book marked as Currently Reading
to-read - Any book marked as Want to Read. I believe this is also the catch all for book not in read or currently-reading.

Note: Any book added to your library must be in either read, currently-reading or to-read, whether you manually add it or Goodreads does it automatically.

You should be able to create your own custom Shelves (which are basically tags to Goodreads) and use this plug in to populate those shelves. From your description of what you are trying to do, I would suggest creating the following Shelves:

library - To store all the books you wish to maintain on Goodreads
library-to-read - for those book you want to read
library-read - for those book you have read

When you create the shelves (or sync them) in the plugin confiq, be sure to mark them Exclusive. This way the plug in will make sure the book exists only once within any shelf marked exclusive.

Goodreads will continue populate read, currently-reading and to-read in the background, so just ignore those.

One thing to keep in mind, if your purpose for creating the custom shelves is to separate each family members books, using the custom shelves will not work if you have multiple people interested in the same book, since the Exclusive setting applies to all shelves within a single Goodreads account. A better solution in this case; the plug in supports being able to sync to multiple Goodreads accounts from your single calibre library, so each family member can have separate Goodreads accounts and you can use the built in shelves to maintain each family member's books separately.

Hope this is helpful.
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