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html2lrf how does it work ?

What is the good syntax of the html file to have my title in the TOC ?
I have looked around the page on html2lrf (but I haven't read all of it yet...)

here is a html page

<a href="#section1"><h1 id="chapter">Bigtitle1</h1></a>
<a href="#section1"><h1 id="chapter">Bigtitle2</h1></a>
<a href="#section2"><h1 id="chapter">Bigtitle3</h1></a>
<a name="section1" href='page_1.html'><h2 id="chapter">Smalltitle1a</h2></a><br>
<a name="section1" href='page2.html'><h2 id="chapter">Smalltitle1b</h2></a><br>
<a name="section2" href='page3.html'><h2 id="chapter">Samlltitle2</h2></a><br>

and I would like
in the TOC first page

and when I choose Bigtitle1, I would again like to have a TOC

and when I go on Smalltitle1a I can read my page page1.html
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