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cosmo666 began at the beginning.
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added a response yesterday, documenting it with pictures, but it went into "pending aproval status", and it hasn't appeared since.

anyway, i did change the line in affiliate to kobo, and the screensaver was a blank page with "sleeping" written in italics in lower left corner. is that the default screensaver for the readers that have affiliate=kobo from the start, or was it a placeholder in case the screensaver went missing/corrupt?

powered off it was similar, a black page with "powered off" at the bottom.

i changed the line back (by the way, the changes take place instantly, there is no need to restart it after changing just this time, but i did it anyway, to see full process). when i restarted the device, the same savescreen appeared, but with a "kobo in" written before it, in place of a small graphic symbol of the store. also, when shut down, the normal store screensaver appeared,but inverted colors.

i will try to link the pictures after this post to make it clear.

i believe the store-based secreensaver is not a text just thrown over a blank page, but an actual picture due to the graphic in it.

the next order of business would be to find where the image is stored on the device and change it with our image keeping the same format and name, and the device should be able to point to it natively. any ideeas on how to search for it? is there a hidden file that can be decompressed, or something?

L.E. tried to a make a 2nd post with the pics, but it went to aproval instead, so it will take a while untill it's verified. ah well...

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