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Originally Posted by sirmaru View Post
Can you explain why the SAME posters with PW 2013 problems also seemed to have PW 2012 problems? I've noticed the SAME folks seem to have had HD 2012 problems and HDX 2013 problems as well.

Yet I have not had any problems with the PW 2012, PW 2013, HD 2012 and HD 2013. The odds of the same person returning three PW 2012's AND three PW 2013's for valid problems are miniscule.

Some other dynamic is at work here and it may be a willingness on most people's part to ignore minor problems altogether while others search every product they buy for the smallest defect.
I owned the 2012 PW with no problems. I've seen 6 PW2013 all with screen problems. Both of my reviews are posted on Amazon if you want to check there. My 2013 review was posted a few days ago (username piswat)

Basically Amazon is struggling to make the PW 2013 screen defect free whether it be yields or lack of QA. People ignoring or choosing not to see a problem doesn't mean that the fault should be excused or that no problem existed.
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