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Android on Glo

My googling produced an interesting find yesterday:

Hecke has torn down a 99 euro Android reader from Germany called the Tolino Shine. Investigation of his pictures revealed that the hardware is very similar to the Glo. Not just the same parts, but the reference designators on the PWB are identical to my Glo.

Hecke was kind enough to post an image of the microsd in his Shine. I installed it in my Glo and it seems to work perfectly. It would be even better if I could read German

[Image violates Posting Guidelines for size - MODERATOR]

The frontlight button on the Glo is mapped the Android "home" or "back" button. The interface appears to be a custom apk running on the android. Hopefully it can be hacked for standard apks and a different UI. I'm not much of an android hacker but I suddenly have motivation

I think battery life of a Glo running android would not be good. The battery in the Hecke's Shine appears to be at least 2x the size as what my Glo has.

I imagine that the Glo firmware will run on the Shine. Don't have one (yet) but 2x the battery for a Glo would be nice. I imagine they'll start showing up used at some point. The shine does have an update process similar to the Kobo except that they 'dd' images directly onto the internal microsd rather than extracting a tarball over the mounted root. I am thinking it should be possible to load Glo firmware on it without opening the case (Hecke comments that this is a pain due to the use of glue).

I imagine there are other readers out there with compatible hardware. Has anyone else noticed other examples?

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