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Question A request: Complex PDF files in Cybook Gen3 firmware 796?

I am considering getting a Cybook Gen3 to read my programming books and graphics-intensive conference articles (SIGGRAPH papers, etc.) I guess I would like to know if:
1)The Cybook can handle the kinds of PDF files I want to throw at it decently
2)How the PDF reading experience is in the device. I don't mind a little of horizontal or vertical panning and zooming if I can get the nice form-factor of the Cybook (Iliad is too big for my intended use, and too expensive)

I was wondering if any Cybook Gen3 owner with the new firmware build 796 would mind posting a few thoughts and a few shots of complex PDF files opened in the device. Here are a couple of (legal) PDF files that are interesting to me:

Could someone give those PDF files a try and give me some input? Thanks a lot!
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