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A suggestion to Pdf2lrf

I just got a PRS-500 and found this forum.
I am a geek who usually read pdf files. I have tried several pdf-lrf converters. So far I like Pdf2lrf best due to one simple reason: when dealing with double-column documents, the software and sort the page correctly for me. Something like:
| 1 | 3|
| 2 | 4|

It is possible other softwares can also do this, but I did not figure out.

Anyway, this solution perfectly solved my problem on double-column pdfs. So the next question is how to read single column ones. To me, split them into 2 parts and use the landscape mode is not good enough (8-( bad eye-sight).

I am wondering whether we can somehow cut the pdf in middle and shift the lines together or not. Something like

I noticed that pdf2lrf can "join pages" which technically cut pdfs to small pieces. So the idea is to cut the file to half-line level and join them together. Of course, the height of the line should be detected, since there may be figures in them.

If such a change can be make, I think most single-column files (fictions, scientific documents, etc.) can be read more much more easier. There may be some complicated files, which we can read on the computer.

Just my 2 cents and I hope, some expert can include this into pdf2lrf or other converter softwares. Thanks!!!!!

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