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Hey! New to the thread; shamelessly promoting my new Sci Fi Cyberpunk novel (first in a series) Silence In Numbers: File One.

[Edited for excessive length - MODERATOR]

In 2068, the natural progression of the business world has come to its inevitable conclusion: the world has been privatized, from governments to security to militaries. The benefits of this are great, with the dissolution of national borders and the rapid advancement of cybernetics – but the true downside of giving total control to corporations has yet to be seen. Secrets, however, are the way of things, and there are things in the world that are kept secret for a reason...
Katsumi Samakura, an experienced and cybernetically-enhanced soldier, deals with these secrets on a daily basis as the leader of SIN Unit 1, a task force based in Tokyo that handles the most violent terrorist, paranormal and supernatural threats. Most days, the only thing that keeps her sane is her relationship with her sister, Ayane, whom she will protect at all costs. But there are worse ghosts than the incorporeal entities she usually deals with and a dangerous situation with a man who uses humans as living bombs gets worse when the one man Katsumi and Ayane hate most – their father – reappears in sadistic pursuit of an unknown goal. Things become even more perilous as a shadowy genius, known as Sigma, sets into motion a plan centered around a fallen angel that may lead to the end of all life – if the sisters can survive their father, the demons and a mysterious illness long enough to even see it…

"The level of detail in this read is incredible. Author Jake Taylor paints a picture with words of a futuristic version of our world. The characters' interactions and personalities make them seem real and lovable. With a fast pace from beginning to end, this is definitely worth a read. You won't be disappointed. "

"It's 2068 and the world has changed---dramatically. But do we know all of the repercussions of those changes? Here, author Jake Taylor introduces savvy, highly detailed characters whose duty it is to deal with some of the not-so-pleasant effects of such an advanced society. Demons? Check. Danger? Check. Great details and gory descriptions that will have you cringing on your sofa in fear? Yep. A fast-paced, exciting read, this novel will keep you on your toes. Give it a try----and you'll be chomping for the next installment! And maybe even be a little afraid of it! "

Check it out on Amazon:

Jake Taylor,

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