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Originally Posted by Blossom View Post
I meant on your Nexus not the Note 3 but you don't have to it was just a suggestion to make your tablet experience more enjoyable because you was complaining about it.

You ask which app it was and I gave you the link. It's up to you if give it a try it will help you use your tablet more if it hurts your eye if it's reading, watching a movie, surfing the net, playing a game or whatever you do use it for. I can't use my devices without it. They are just too bright even at the lowest setting. This really help. Oh here's the Trial version link so you can try it without buying it. You don't have to try it but you have the link if you decide to.
Heh, forget the Nexus7, it is so far behind quality-wise compared to this Note3's display that it feels more like joke to me. If anything works, it is the Note3.

I would have completely agreed with you about too bright with my old S3 phone, but that is once again something Samsung decided to improve this time. On Note3 you get quite low setting in the minimum position.

That said, when you mentioned the magazines and such, I think there you might be right. Note3 is not big enough for print look alike magazines, and Kindle with poor resolution BW display of course is out of the question. You can read the text though with the Note3, but with my eyes it requires looking from somewhere around 10cm away from the screen. I'm seriously thinking of buying 10.1 tablet for reading Donald Duck.
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