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hello everybody!
this is my fist post here and i have never owned, seen or used any ebook reader.

i have been thinking about buying an ebook reader for some time and i started to read the specifications and information about several models.
the main application for me would be to read manga (jpg or png) and of course ebooks (pdf).

until now the sony 505 seems to be the best choice. i tried to downsize manga pages to 800x600 and decreasing the color depth to 8, in my opinion 4 colors is too low. of course it would be much more comfortable if the resolution was higher too.

i'm kind of confused about the new sony 700, because in some news sources they talk about it only having 4 colors. but i think it's too expensive anyway. plus i don't need a touch screen.

it would be nice if someone could share his/her opinions and experience about reading manga on ebook readers. i still have some doubts and questions:
  • isn't one second a little bit too long for a page to turn? when reading manga on the pc i only look at one page about 2-5 seconds and the page turn is only some milliseconds. for ebooks this isn't a problem i think.
  • is it even necessary to scale down and reduce the color level of the pictures before displaying them? (not that it would be much of a problem with a batch tool)
  • if yes, what tool do you use to get the smoothest and most readable downscale results? i use irfan view atm, but i'm not too happy with the quality. photoshop offers several algorithms like "nearest neighbor", "bilinear" and "bicubic". which one is the best, and does it matter if i scale them down first and then decrease the color depth or the other way round?
  • where can i buy the sony ebook readers the cheapest online (i live in switzerland).
  • or should i even wait with buying for the devices to get better resolution/speed?

thank you very much for your help!

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