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Originally Posted by pilotbob View Post
Honestly... you shouldn't feel conned. No one forced you to buy this. You made a decision based on what the device had at the time. Also, do you feel conned when Dell releases a faster PC or Nokia releases a new model of the phone you have or Nikon releases a new model of the camera you have? You knew it would happen.

This is just the reality of technology. Also, the reality of business is that you don't pre-announce new versions/models because you will loose sales.

Sounds like typical buyers remorse.

I get your point Bob, but in the Uk the PRS 505 has been marketed and launched on 4th September 08 as 'new'. Less than a month on Sony announce the PRS 700.
Being a new gadget fan, when I buy a phone/ 360/ps3/DS etc, I of course expect and desire them to be improved and newer models to be available. But not in less than a month after Sony uk and the British press have been telling us all here how wonderful the 'new' PRS 505 is. A year on maybe, and I would expect a new model. I know that in the USA, it has been a year, so for that customer base it will be good news.
Just makes me wonder if the 505 will continue to be marketed and supported, or are we in the uk being encouraged to buy 'old' stock.
All that said, I am sure I will really enjoy using the 505 when the postman finally delivers it to me.
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