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Sync reading positions between Android devices and PCs

I have two android devices (a phone and a tablet I just bought), and several PCs with different Windows versions on them (XP, 7, 8). All PCs have the newest Calibre which syncs the library via Dropbox (I also have Google Drive, but at the moment the library is on Dropbox). On the phone I am currently using FBReader to read.

I would like a solution where I can sync reading positions ("furhtest page") between all the above devices. If I can reuse the existing Calibre library and maybe the Calibre ebook reader, even better. The readers I looked at (Moon+, Aldiko, Fabrik) sync between android devices. I haven't seen a solution that syncs to PCs.

There is the Kindle app, which probably does something similar, but I couldn't get it to sync side loaded books (from calibre), and I don't know how to read them on the PC (Although for Win8 there's an App, but I also want it synced on my old and trusted XP machine). Also I don't like the Kindle app a lot, I'd prefer another solution (open source preferred, if it possible though)

Any ideas?
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