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Hello, I hope this is the thread to inquire about the following:
I am using kpdfviewer a lot, many thanks! I could still not find out how after checking a bookmarked page we can "go back" to the page we were on (before going to the bookmark with alt+k/l). Those (i.e. the page we are on before navigating to a bookmark) it seems, are not added to the jump history so the back button leads to the wrong page.
And, more generally, should not the back and shift+back button navigate between pages far apart regardless of arriving at them with the "go to" option? E.g. I read p. 20 and then go to p. 201, the notes section, in a chapter that has a lot of notes. I do this one time by entering the page no. 201. I then read forward , p. 22...25...30. And in the notes section, p. 203, 204.... The problem is that back and shift back buttons would still lead me to p. 20 and p. 201, consequently I have to navigate to the correct pages one by one every time I check a note. Is there a way to modify the configuration file to make navigation easier?
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