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Kakyou began at the beginning.
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Well, the story is an old one, and I, like a total chump am in the middle of it again.

In spite of many option available for online stores out there, iRex still seems to insist upon using the one they designed back for the iLiad (consisting of software written by the nephew of the president of iRex for his 6th grade science fair project, a 85 year old half-blind, half lame warehouse worker, and a billing system known as Vinnie who part times as a bouncer on weekends).

They still charge your credit card first. Unlike most billing companies that place the charge on the card to confirm credit, then verify the order and ship (usually a process that takes less than a day), iRex seems to wait until the actual funds are available for use before they will confirm and ship. This adds up to a week to the process and only makes sense if you don't have enough cash to pay for shipping without cashing in.

Continuing on the iRex tradition of over promising and then changing the conditions after the fact, Several days after they started accepting payments (and charging cards), they added a shipping estimate to the product page of 1 to 2 weeks (unheard of in the modern world of ecommerce). Then several posts were placed on message boards by Karel and others indicating an initial shipment run would go out on the 29th. I have yet to hear of anyone getting a shipment confirmation yet, let alone receive the actual product. (My order was placed hours after the website went live and I am still waiting in "preparing for dispatch " along with everyone else).

Remember when the iLiads were stick in some shipping problem in the Phillipines? When are we going to hear that the DR's are all in a Ukrainian cargo ship off the shore of Somalia getting bombed by US warships?

It is so sad that while this company has the technical knowledge to bring truly unique products that can revolutionize the market, they insist on screwing it all up with horrible, cringe inducing marking foul-ups, outdated and incompetent ecommerce and order fulfillment, and inadequate customer service.

I can only hope that a much better company can buy up the stronger technical talents and patents and use them when this bunch inevitably fail.
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