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Originally Posted by MacEachaidh View Post
Then what's the "1" for? I honestly don't get how "boys is the subject wouldn't the subject be "1 boy"?

If you restructured the sentence, wouldn't it be "1 boy is abusd out of 6" ?
If you restructure the sentence grammatically you will get a different sentence (obviously).
Instead restructure it mathematically so that all things remain equal. 1 in 6 is 17 percent.
Therefore, "17% of boys are," would be correct.

maybe I can use a screenshot to explain my point:

You are using plural "boys" in both examples. Only "are" can be correct.
Suggesting to restructure it with singular "boy" would alter the meaning.

Which of the following sentence is considered correct in Australia?


Which of the following sentences are considered correct in Australia?
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